convenient ignorance

made up my mind,
will just hear,won’t listen;

have expectations about everything,
can’t see my own back;

it’s easy, will criticise,
know getting hands dirty is difficult;

ignorant about own mistakes,
rather its convenient to raise a finger;

this is how life goes on,
conscience is sleeping for so long;

This is how our lives are in this fast world.

small heart

running out of gumption,
an ineffable mood set inside,
swallowing chagrin of losing,
notwithstanding discerpible actions;

with a small heart wrecked of emotions,
started running away;

ran into epiphany of being heresy,
showing the diminutive value of
predilection for you;

submitting to ephemeral anxiety,
i forgot how beautiful life is;

now I started picking up the pieces,
still running, but feeling better;