its not easy

more I move forward,
with constant echoes,
memories pull me back,
its not easy;

having become a fiend of you,
in the throes of breaking away,
this heart tremors with pain and
mind goes wool gathering all day;

Its not easy, to put up a face,
once bitten, always shy;

I have this feeling of shrinking,
ratcheting up tears deep inside,
for trading all of me to you;

to stop being a desolated self,
to stop being histrionic,
to stop prattling about you,
Its not easy!!

from the diary : 9 June 2013

convenient ignorance

made up my mind,
will just hear,won’t listen;

have expectations about everything,
can’t see my own back;

it’s easy, will criticise,
know getting hands dirty is difficult;

ignorant about own mistakes,
rather its convenient to raise a finger;

this is how life goes on,
conscience is sleeping for so long;

This is how our lives are in this fast world.