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Five Point Something

I was grown up watching (better to say peep) dramas or Zee TV through windows and holes of the dilapidated house where we stayed for 5 long years. My family was somewhere just more than poor and little worse than middle class ….So a radio set was all a big deal. There were many a number of plays telecast in Radio that I used to enjoy a lot. And then after if you know that the neighborhood aunt whom you don’t like at all as she looked at us with great contempt brought a magical box called Dyanora TV set where in the whole play can be seen and some misc programs in DD(doordarshan) and Z TV channels. But how come an ordinary child like me would think of the stage shows that he always listened to are being telecast in the aunt’s TV set!!!!! So the only way to watch the TV was to peep through windows. This is what I have done for 2 more years until my Dad brought a new BPL TV set. Don’t know how I lost the interest in this dramas and the old movie stuff.

Today(16 Feb) I have been to Hari Hara Kala Bhavan in Sec Bad where the stage play or Five Point Someone was held. After ages passed I have seen a theatre play today with same keen interest I had while peeping through windows. The only difference now is that I am no more eavesdrop or peeping here. I have spent 200 bucks to watch this play along with Sudhamsh and Dilip.We bought the tickets from an alien (he seemed to me like someone from extraterrestrial organ) who sold 500 class for just 200 bucks. The ambience was filled completely with hot girls (Phew!!!!It was a feast for two eyes and even more wouldn’t be enough though….) The moment I started watching the play the whole(tortoise) flash back of eavesdropping dwindled before me. By the way the play was conducted by EVAM (In Sanskrit….which means we and you …..).

The play commenced about half an hour late.And then the play started from the scene where Ryan,Hari& Alok sit on the institute roof and talk about their screwed five point scores. Then on it was all like watching something that you already know.But I must say with no regret that the one who performed Alok’s character did a splendid job.One good thing that I have done is just that I skipped the climax part while reading just to enjoy how different it would be like watching something first and then read it! The tale was like never ending at one stage and by the time I started knowing the play was over its already around 6 :10 pm. All the cast and crew of the EVAM got a grand applause, especially for those three performers of Hari,Ryan,Alok.I was wondering how come these artists mugged up pages and pages of dialogues and delivered them with ease of perfection.After all that is the reason why they are the performers and I am the audience! All in all it was a well crafted play. Kudos to Evam.

After the commencing of play we three went out to have some fuel for our craving stomachs .Then we had some ice cream named Death by Chocolate. May be the name of the item is because one definitely is dead after eating that one which was absolute crap mixture of wafers and some chocolate soup and cream. Wonder how people like something like this and spend 80 bucks .Later sudhamsh moved on his way to home and I have been to dilip’s place for the first time and it was a good place to be in with lots of family members filled with sound and children playing around. I had some sweets and hot to crunch in. I reached home by 11 in the night and slept for hours as always. 🙂