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Kicking against the pricks

Power is like sword. Resourceful yet dangerous.

If we take the case of politicians in India, how many of them are here not to crave for power but to serve the nation ? For unknown reasons, God has kept the good guys to a minimum of the lot. Its a public secret.

The fabric of belief / trust among people in this nation is torn apart by our politicians masquerading as leaders. Leaders lead us to realise our dreams and vision by making our vision theirs and vice versa. Politicians on the other hand are just robbing the time and money of the people of this country. What is the amount of learning over the course of last 66 years ? Nothing much but mudslinging and contemptuous behaviour towards fellow parliamentarians. Bills are being passed with inadequate / sometimes almost no discussions. Most important policy decisions are made at the will and wish of few members of the house. As said by Bimal Jalan in his book “Indian Politics: A view from the backbench”, thanks to coalition politics our democracy is in a real messy situation.

Everything is calculative and speculative about passing a bill in Parliament. By circumventing the norm / rules from outside and posing as if bills are passed by majority of the house is not the message that has to be sent for the youth of the country. This scheme of things very well paves way for lopsided administration and forceful implementation for the state governments.

Why are we still reeling under the brink of acute poverty and covering it up by wearing mask of developing country and insensitive comments? Because we are doing what we are not believing in. It is disheartening to know leaders / politicians themselves were thieves of Baghdad all through the years. It breaks fabric of trust, there by tampering the very nature of human belief system. Politicians should be paragon of change they advocate. People of this nation will follow the suit and make this a better place to live.

We all digress from discussing the state of affairs of the country and comfortable in discussing less trivial or being complacent. There are lots voices that are silenced by megalomaniac politicians. For the sake of political mileage, so called leaders are luring and making most out of our ignorance or implanting seeds of unwanted hatred against other communities.

It is our right / duty to weed evil out of the system by speaking out in our own ways. As an individual, it might be kicking against the pricks, and detrimental. But, together our voices will act as a compass for their (politicians) direction, so shall they exercise power resourcefully, not resource hungrily. Lets fight our fight and make our voices heard. Lets question and seek answers in all walks of life..

Flying high

Flying high just after the sunset  (Clicked on 15 January 2012)

When to quit ?

The answer to this seemingly simple, yet camouflaged question can change the course of one’s life as a whole. Be it small bad habits, worrisome relationships, an unhappy job, or even hope about things / life.

We all come alone, stay for a while, departure. No debate on that. 🙂 The point is what/when we pick up during this short stint(i.e. life) and what/when we forego. One’s loss is another’s gain. That’s the message nature throws at us, everyday and every moment. Time and again, it is said our life is the sum of all choices we do. I feel, it’s not just choices, but the underlying intent of what/when to quit. That’s what determines our existing and who we are for this life.

We ignore old friends for new ones. When we throw that old mobile in the shelf, for the new one. We prefer car over a two-wheeler. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all inanimate or change things/ people for the want of new or other reasons. Simple fact is that new is just a state of mind and that it very soon becomes old. That’s the nature of life. Impatience might not pay well in this aspect.

“Winners never quit, Quitters never win”.

I would rephrase the above one, “quit at the right time, if not might end up on the wrong side”.

I have seen / heard of people who have been in the wrong premise of quitting. Quitting isn’t the end. It isn’t as bad as people think, it just paves the path for a new choices. We all have to quit, pick up something else, move on, quit and pick up… and know what works for us and what doesn’t. How do we know when is it right to quit something? That’s the million dollar question and to unravel the answer for the same, we are all here.

When we quit or give up on something, more heeding to our thoughts and actions is required. That requires introspection and ability to have a generous view of the self. Understanding the rationale / pattern of our quitting will definitely help us.

Lets quit and live better life. What do you have to say ??