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What can be done ?

We have debates on television channels about the problems on a day to day basis with politicians, commoners, so-called highly experienced journalists, blah blah.. with lots of loud talk. When I see this scintillating action from people for Anna Hazare anti corruption movement, recent Delhi gang-rape protests, for once I feel happy but only to notice a while after the enthusiasm has subsided. A week later or so news channels will hit the block with breaking news about graft charges on a top IAS / IPS officers or policemen shot by a politician or even worse a women raped on roads in the daylight!!

So, even after lots of people’s movement and youth(future of India) getting involved directly into these matters why are these things repeating? Here is my take ….

Somehow I have a strong feeling that a typical Indian is a hypocrite. I know not many of you might want to agree. Let me dissect this one. For a country like India people with good intentions is hardly enough. We need people with Action. Quite contrarily we are filled with former category or even worse with no common sense. Yes I say again no common sense!!

We have politicians with promises up their bag which they hardly fulfil in their term. We still vote to the same fellows every election selling ourself into holy crap they utter or the money they offer or by having no option left. For the rest of the five year term we scold/ abuse/ protest  about all the decisions he takes.

We have armchair intellectuals / journalists / news reporters / debate hosts who air lopsided/ biased views or paid-news. Most of them (~=99.99 %) I feel are here to exaggerate and cash in on the status quo. Yet we tune-in on a regular basis and subscribe to those half baked and flawed analysis for weird reasons.

We have social activists / ngo s/ csr fighting for a good cause like an RTI, Yamuna, Anti corruption, Protecting rights of women etc. In a couple of these movements I have noticed the infighting which tarnished the image to new lows day to day basis. I always thought people who are into these won’t be ego-maniac but altruistic, surprisingly I was wrong. We can see in the news how differences between them are surfacing. Feeling that they are saviours of our future/ country is another whim. They too are humans. 🙂

We have one industry in which probably one can find highest number of hypocrites. You guessed it rightly, cinema industry. A pure male chauvinistic industry which comes out in public and preaches equality and bull shit!! WTF!! Hero can flirt / sleep / marry ‘n’ number of women. If a movie that does otherwise is a cultural blunder for India and it will be hot in the news for a long long time 🙂 Our sick mindset is as such that we idolise them.

We have modern women/ Facebook gen girls who protest with placards “Stop teaching me what to wear, ask your son not to rape”. Agree. They say commenting/ lack of respect / womanising / groping etc is not our culture. Yes madam I agree. No one has even 0.000000001 % right to ask you what to wear. Let me tell you all  that wearing things that are indecent / provoking / attracting to men’s eyes too is not our culture. There is a thin line of difference between freedom and what fits our culture. Am not generalising things in this case but asking

to give it a thought.

We have our youth(which decided the course and future of a nation) aimless, wanderlust, following band wagon in selecting the career, having hardly any general knowledge and voicing the concerns or developing mob psychology. I feel apprehended by some of the college going guys thought process which can never help neither him nor his home nor the nation. Basking in the era of instant gratification youth is choosing short lived world over satisfying and fun filled long term and better future.

We have fan-boys of actors who don’t pirate their favourite actors cinema/ audio tracks. They do it ruthlessly for the ones of other actors shamelessly. These fall under the category of society abusing governments for rate of unemployment.

Because most of us are hypocrites, things are repeated everywhere. What can be done ?? Thats the big question…

Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.

Below are somethings that strike me…

  • Keep a reminder about your expiring license / pollution certificate of your vehicle / any document so that you never have to put yourself in a situation to bribe police while you are in a hurry to go to a restaurant where your someone special is waiting 🙂
  • Print media is less exciting and comparatively better than electronic media about sensationalising the news. change yourself for a while and see the difference.
  • Draw the line between freedom and what to wear. whatever it is, after all opposite sexes attract. also lets teach children right from the childhood about respect. not relative but absolute respect for every other person irrespective of his caste / creed / religion/ age / colour…
  • Don’t throw that lays chips / Britannia biscuit packet/ polythene cover / pet water bottle  etc on roads . Don’t spit. Don’t piss. Remember we chide our sweepers / leaders/ politicians / country for being dirty and not hygiene. Keep it with yourself and throw it away after going back to home / office. Lets learn two cents from Japan on this count.
  • Learn some civic sense. Don’t cross roads in a zig zag fashion. Our roads are bad. Adding salt to the injury, pedestrians make it  difficult for car/ truck/ bikers by crossing roads in zig zag fashion. Use subway, over head cross ways, zebra crossing or at least make sure you cross the road until no vehicle is near by. Use your hand. All vehicle drivers lets start making use of indicators, lane driving, less honking, slow moving vehicles on left and vice versa etc..
  • Lets buy songs / rent movies etc.. think about that pop corn selling guy, auto rickshaw guy, ice cream guy, theatre operator, music director, producer, etc etc.. its kind of butterfly effect our small offences might hurt a lot to someone somewhere else. Ask your friends in US how strict are copyright and piracy regulations are.
  • Nothing is more important than the cause. Stop infighting. Things can be tabled and resolved. Media is the biggest gainer of your infighting 🙂
  • Lets make sure the ones we vote is on the basis of  their education/ ability/ vision/ credentials rather than son/daughter/wife of some xyz.
  • Common sense is of the utmost important one for all of us. We have to make journey towards it. Not away from it. Lets practice and learn/teach from childhood. I don’t wish to see it advertised as a subject / degree that they teach in school/ college.

Its possible to build a better India.. step by step..brick by brick.. day by day..person by person.. Its possible but time taking…with heavy loads of patience and going slow is the key..


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The cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure you seek.

Joseph Cambell