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Senior Statesman


To write anything original about Sachin Tendulkar is probably as difficult as attempting to add to the Bible. For, there is nothing that has been left unsaid about India’s cricketing God and even attempts to glorify his feats are akin to holding a candle to the sun. So, we’ll just leave it at that and say that today Sachin is excelling in his role as senior statesman, mentor, friend, philosopher and guide to a whole bunch of mates, who have precocious talent and who are ever eager to learn some tricks from the maestro. Ask Dhoni’s band of boys who demolished the Australians in the one-day series.

Having played 146 test matches in the last 19 years, there is precious little that Sachin needs to achieve in his illustrious career. The maestro managed to round off his Australian tour with a much sought after ODI series win and one can only hope that sets his mind on a triple century during the next series. For, going by his own very high standards, Sachin has been a failure against the Proteas. His average of 36.42 against them is amongst the lowest against all countries though Sachin has aggregated 1202 runs off 19 test matches with three centuries.

Very well said about  Cricketing Legend Sachin

Source :MSN Cricket