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Barren tree

A tree on Savandurga(60 km from Bangalore, India) hill top. This was my favorite snap.

The Luna guy

Often I say to the people close to me that am not supposed to be here, i.e. not in this generation, probably I should belong to a generation backwards (may be 70s – 80s). I’ve asked myself a lot many times why do I feel so, on regular intervals as am encountering various events through life.

  • I feel clogged / suffocating when people value trivial over humans and their feelings. Probably back then, mankind didn’t have to live in a highly sophisticated materialistic society.
  • I never understand people’s buying pattern of gadgets/tools/vehicles with high specs when the moderate/basic would do, just because of the cool factor or just may be to flaunt it. I too have done it for a while and by the time I’ve realized it burned my pocket deep. Back then we didn’t have these many options and we didn’t have to use our brains so much so for possessing our stuff/things/tools for survival but not when it needs the most like studies/engineering/contribution/collaboration.
  • With bombarding news channels(yes that’s the way I see them:bombarding news), overwhelming technology mostly used for war equipments than it should have been in alleviating poverty, uplifting of disabled. I acknowledge that steps are taken on technological front towards the areas am crying about, but only baby steps. That’s my cry. Back then when technology wasn’t this good, problems of the world/society were nothing worse than that of today.
  • Craving to be extraordinary/out of the box when ordinary / in the box is not yet lived, which leaves out one to be shallow sooner or later. Back then it was not being cool/ great that was being that was taught. Its value,virtue and compassion that was most taught.
  • To trash the conventional is a fashion now. To wear smaller clothes in winter and overcoats in summer is kind-of-cool-fashion now. We do it because someone, somewhere just did it in that movie/show/country has done it. Back then to be comfortable was the best fashion that was taught and implemented.
  • Above all, the most important is space. With so many things trivial, attractive, fleeting, I(one) has less time for my family/ favorite sport/reading/ even to talk to myself. Back then things weren’t this demanding. I suppose/ from what I have learnt/listened it was better and simple.

I know someone out there reading is getting impatient and started terming me as moron/insane/idiot/illiterate/as****/  blah blah. Am not running away my dear from this life after saying above reasons. I have to live this life.

If you were from India, let me elucidate my point. Thirty years from now, cycles and a two-stroke two-wheeler called TVS Luna and the likes were the most famous and running. Given the roads of a developing country, they were good enough. Slowly there came Hero Honda CD 100( which was around 95 cc) bike. It was an instant hit. It will be sinful not to mention Bajaj Chetak. Over the years, new entrants across all segments i.e. two wheelers, four wheelers, trucks etc are just flooding the market with new models/variants on and on. Confused consumer will always choose the best/latest/ future proof even when it’s not needed. That’s the way they market. I never understood(probably will never) the logic of buying a two-wheeler for a whopping 2 lakhs to ride it on the city roads, not even off the roads or a highway. With 250-350 cc bikes, signals confronting every two minutes, god knows what is running on the mind of bike rider. Let alone save him.

Recently govt of India has imposed a regulation that all the tv channels should be digitally transmitted in the metros and some good number of major cities and towns across the country. Agreeing to the point that it will help them in going forward, my questions about the extra power that these set-top boxes consume is being produced are unanswered. When farmers are suffering and committing suicides on one front with lack of electricity and other amenities, is digitization need of the hour. I fail to understand. Wasn’t there a strong lobby behind this digitization? Or it was lack of understanding ?

Am no scholar/Mahatma to dissect society, but as a human belonging to it aches me to the core and not withstanding rapid change I feel like one who doesn’t want to move over to the next big thing. I am afraid I wont have much of an option but to change and embrace it. It’s a complex world to live in. I cannot be 100 % good(even if I strive to). Whatever I do will be unjust to someone somewhere or I deprive them which was theirs. I feel like a guy riding Luna beside the one who is cruising in his SUV. I don’t feel like belonging here.

Nevertheless, now that am here I have to hack the way out of the current system and live this life. I wonder what it takes to make it through this life.