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Is problem the real problem??

The real problem is not the problem itself but the way we approach towards the problem..More often than not method is wrong but issue is right as said by journalist Jarnail Singh who hurled the shoe at Chidambaram….


Leaving behind the strings attached…

We all do attach strings to everything we do in our mundane life, which are small by the individual magnitude but at sometime or the other they take their toll on us collectively leaving life chaotic; be it habits ,attitude, perceptions or even opinions.. everything counts. They hold us back and we just keep ourselves busy getting out of the fuss which is what we feel herculean task and miss the wonderful opportunity which is disguised in the form of crisis. Once we find this underlying opportunity in crisis everything is happy happy …easy easy.. been a tough time for me to get out of the turmoil i got into unfortunately … though am not completely out of it , now trying to slowly get off the strings attached to myself which are more of emotional and self made cookery rather than any cliche responsibilities. Who said climbing Mt Everest is an herculean task , there are more or less similar trysts in everyone’s life. Yes, I mean it. But then what I comprehend is all this is to let us know us ‘ok man don’t sleep , you are in danger .. be alert.. be alert!!!‘ With Satyam fiasco and my Mom’s deteriorating health , I  learned good amount of lessons since my completion of graduation to till date , which I only wish make me cautious rest of my life and move on … as someone said wisely Almighty gives us nuts , he does’t crack them… that’s life !! Well now I’m more open minded than ever before to accept the reality and I promise myself to lead the life with  grit and strong determination towards each and every task I do , not letting the evil procrastination take on me 🙂


Finally am leaving the family, friends, my computer ( my rescue for a long time) , the place where I’ve been living for the past 16 years and those memories behind to take the charge in USAI Forge( a sister company of OCTL( as an Assistant Engineer Trainee this Monday i.e., on 21 December. Wish normalcy will take  over and I take this opportunity to thank all my friends( Sai Manohar , Sai Kiran, Sravan Pradjumna , Dilip Chowdary, Karthik Gupta , Sravan )   and well wishers who stood by me and supported me all through with all patience though perturbed by my strange behavior , and I promise this time , will come back stronger and better… Wish me well …