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Riding on smooth roads

Its been 10 days since I had written the last entry.As said in the earlier post Making contingency plans ,things are moving at a good pace and the results are good as far as now.My daily routine starts of with a few minutes of meditation and then jogging for a while.As I am new to the jogging thing am not over doing in order to avoid the near goodbye to Jogging ;)First day i didn’t even do the two rounds of the long open playground of the VM Home(which is actually a residential school for the dislocated ,poor and helpless orphan children) located five min away from home.Many a number of gents and ladies turn out early morning with shoes tied with a track pant and a sporty t-shirt.They come in groups,or as a single or as a couple too.Some families too come to play badminton.As and when you enter the V.M.HOME you see and ancient building which almost dilapidated, may be constructed during 18 th century.Once it was used as a school but then later on it was damaged to heavy rains 15 years back from now and walking along the building side you enter into the mini entrance of the playground and the school.You see a cheerful group of people to the right where a daughter and father competes together along with that of another family in getting a upper hand in badminton.There around two to three badminton courts I remember. Then after  walking 20 steps or so you get the entrance of the school with around 25 elevated steps which lead into the school building.I never climbed these steps to peep into how it looks like!( i wished i had seen it for once and know a bit more about the life of those children who are starved from the love of parents and family bonds.) Just in front of this building there is a very big playground which is used for the  running track.Its circumference around 3/4 of a K.M.

                          The first day of jog I ran just about 1 and a half rounds.The first day I was accompanied by Sai Kiran and the second day Suresh joined us and this time I ran 3 rounds with ease and with more enthusiasm.I wanted to be self-contained and balanced and tried to keep it content.So thought of not overdoing.I started taking a glass of lemon juice early morning after returning home from the jog.Its taste was sour.Even the third day I jogged for about 3 rounds even though I thought of making it to 4.But I couldn’t do it . I was completely exhausted with all my shirt and track in the sweat . I was feeling really happy about the way things are working and the diet I had been maintaining since a month or so is also helping the jog.I am able to shed the fat from my body now more quickly and that too in a natural way.Wow! That’s what am feeling like right now.I weighed the other day just 80.5. I really didn’t believe it(even after recheck).Loosing almost all 7-8 Kg in just 2 months.These days whenever someone says that am getting slim I give them back a smile of pride.Yes all these days of garbage is draining out atlast.This is really a challenge to myself now how I could maintain the same pace and shed more fat.I am looking forward with the new methods of exercise , some of them like dancing for an hour or so for the fast beat rock and remix albums.I am eating now 3 times a day . Healthy breakfast with a light weight tiffin and then a moderate lunch meals . Dinner can be sometimes heavily taken in or sometimes even empty depending on the mood and without compromising on it I am living  with intermittent liquid food like fruit or vegetable juice and fruit salad.Now am I sounding too disciplined or too organized.I don’t think so.There is a long way to go.Flashes of the criticism by friends about my body figure that I were juxtaposed with slimmest of my friends and  i never really cared.May be they were right then but not anymore, I bet. If you are the one who is reading this post has once criticized me for my bodily appearance, firstly a million thanks to you.If you hadn’t done it that day I wouldn’t have had an opportunity of writing this so publicly.Now am more and more focused and determined.I will get better soon….not soon its by tomorrow…:) But remember Tomorrow never dies 😉

The other aspect of my plan was to keep silent for anything others say and believe me it really works( atleast in the longrun).Also  am the least worried about the mocking of some idiots now.I am engaging more of my time in preparing for CAT and reading two of this months yet -to- be- finished books(A thousand splendid suns & The Prodigal daughter). It looks like I will complete by them weekend.Meanwhile i bough two new books (1.M.K.Gandhi-An Autobiography  2.Autobiography of a yogi 3.A Thousand splendid suns 4.Wuthering Heights)With CAT notification out and the D day less than 4 months of time with lots of Mock CAT exams to be written I hastened my prep plans and working for much longer time. I wonder how would people manage things when CAT goes online.?!!!! The last few days I was off with the digital world out here in the Internet.Broadband line got fussed up and I didn’t access for 5 days.Now i am back to my own world of blog feeds and websites and social networking.Thanks to BSNL for  very quick response[!!] 😉

I have been to Jane Tu Jane Kya….. When do you know its love? Its a good movie …… its a lovely movie …. Imran was like Aamir many a number of instances……..This was the feedback I heard before I saw the movie and after watching it really failed to impress me for some of its old wine in new bottle treatment.Sometimes its drowsy .It isn’t bad either.The other movie I had been to this week was Hare Ram , though I didn’t like Kalyanram I was impressed by the trailer and the background score of the movie and just made a way to the movie.It didn’t win my expectations.The editing and screenplay were the fields I thought would have been much better and the problem with script is just that it has the shades of Manmadha.Telugu Movie Industry is now crisping over the routine different mantra with the twists phobia I think so …….. It seems like they are thinking this a new way to get the audience glued to the seats ( atleast the ones who don’t see English and Hindi movies).They are successful in that case latter but in the long run only the one survives is the one who gives the utmost satisfaction to the audience in all kind of departments the movie crawled into like music,dance,casting,comedy etc…. I wish they have a look on the system and reconstruct the rule that story is the evergreen Hero.

Will write new and exciting things happening my life……………….

Saying you Goodbye until the next time =)

Relentless expedition ahead

What did you gain? What did you lose? Ever since you are dropped on earth there were days when you feel like happy,sad,alone,excited,nauseated,nostalgic,missing etc.You crawled for a certain age and then  parents aid you to walk on your own with the tender and smooth hands of yours into theirs.The sheer amount of joy you had then is throwing unknown shouts out of the mouth with ecstatic joy .The thing that you don’t even know was that you are learning the most important lesson of the life,Stand up straight to all the troubles you get through and walk with pride of win. Fell down may be n number of times during the process of learning how to walk.If you haven’t had attempted to get up and try once more today you wouldn’t run , walk ,jog ,run or may be you wouldn’t have existed till date to read this.The only mantra is that we get to know anything new from any situation.Just think with a little wit and wisdom.So finally when you walked on your own what’s the price of the pride and the smile on your lips( also the most valuable ushered tears of joy from your parents when you succeeded to walk at last-on-your-own).Its simply insurmountable and a lovely one.Did you really knew that even though its a human instinct of learning to walk and then you never looked back.

                        Then came new challenges in your life like school,books,friends,crying,laughing,fighting for petty and trivial issues.Every moment in your life is a struggle, sometimes ruthless too.Life makes you learn many things.May be you had done something bad today and you knew it a little late.But as said” Better late than Never” ,you learn the what’s good and keep going.So you knew now about the good,the bad.The next time you come across the same situation you had done sometimes repeated the mistakes knowingly or unknowingly or you had done the other way.Some go into the credit of infantile age and then some more into the juvenile and what next? The most dangerous and vulnerable and most molding age of a persons life.Youth. This word can create cripples in the tender and growing minds of the young people.We still know very less and there is a lot of things to explore and a lot more unseen in this world to cherish.As your parents had helped you to learn to walk through during initial stages of life the same part is adapted by the friends in the young ages.So is the reason for the misleading of youth towards black horizons of life.Friends mean a lot to the young people.You yourselves ask the question what if i didn’t had atleast one friend from the day one of your life.Its almost all blank.First your parents took the role , then schoolmates,then collegiate  and next who? May be your colleagues or your wife or your children too…. 🙂

Being in young age people have many wishes to be accomplished like following a girl to propose her,wanted to enjoy every day without studying or vice versa.May be not all of your wishes are accomplished,but always remember your future totally depends on what your past actions were and past depends on what your present is all about.So take the control of your present and enjoy every moment in life with all prosper ,joy.

What we know is very little and lets get busy in knowing the counterpart of it which is a continuous process….. To all my dear friends ,rather than pursuing masters in education or a dream job there is a relentless expedition aheadof us…… lets move on…..

Happy reading 🙂

Lessons of life

I feared being aloneUntil I learned to like Myself .

I feared failure

Until I realized that I only Fail when I don’t try .


I feared success

Until I realized That I had to try In order to be happy With myself.


I feared people’s opinions

Until I learned that People would have opinions About me anyway.


I feared rejection

Until I learned to Have faith in myself.

I feared pain

Until I learned that it’s necessary For growth.


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