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Living with less..

We all know that across the world, people are moving to cities more than ever. This warrants scarcity of natural and man made resources. Classic age old demand and supply issue.

A recent incident at office had me thinking about how we can live with less and help mitigate the shortages that are bound to come in the future.

Due to water scarcity in Pune, my office buildings were facing the shortage of water supplies and they have decided to lower the water pressure in all the taps, sinks, & bathrooms. Surprisingly we could live with it after two weeks. It means that we have been superfluous about water consumption.

They have also placed plastic containers to collect the left over water from water bottles and use them for cleaning activities( 🙆 ). Another example of how much water we have been wasting otherwise, throwing it in drain.

Also I’ve seen people using paper tissues like hell. At office, parties, restaurants etc., they just grab 3 foot long tissues just to swipe their mouth after eating. And majority eat with a spoon!!! These are the ones who talk over the coffee 🍵 about global warming & rising temperatures, blaming governments for doing nothing 😏 .

Two cents from me: don’t fill up your water bottle on Friday evenings which you will throw away anyways on Monday. Carry a handkerchief in your pocket, nothing shameful about it.

Nature says:

” Respect me: I will reward you. Destroy me: you will face the music 🎶 “

Let’s start living with less and save ourselves.

Flying high

Flying high just after the sunset  (Clicked on 15 January 2012)

broke it with sunrise

Broke it up with a sunrise,
Shaked it up with a hot coffee,
Hummed it up with the birds crossing,
That’s how I started today;

Magnificent is the sun,
Roasted are the coffee beans,
La la la are the birds,
That’s how I pull it off this moment;

It’s another beautiful day ahead,
will grow older by the day, wiser too,
let this be a déjà vu every day;