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The Hindu Metro Plus Theatre Festival 2008

Here comes the most awaited festival for the ones with a love for theatre plays in Hyderabad.The Hindu says its not a one-off affair.So guys have a great time @ mptf

Timeline of the festival :

Oct 10, 2008
The President is Coming
Q Theatre Productions (Mumbai)
Directed By: Kunaal Roy Kapur
Playwright: Anuvab Pal
Duration: 120 minutes

Oct 11, 2008
The Suit
The Company Theatre (Chandigarh)
Directed By: Neelam Mansingh Chowdhry
Playwright: Can Themba
Duration: 70 minutes

Oct 12, 2008
Dramatic Circle (Hyderabad)
Directed By: Pranava Singhal
Playwright: Farrukh Dhondy
Duration: 60 minutes

Oct 13, 2008
Doubles, Triples and Quadruples
Evam (Chennai)
Directed By: Sunil Vishnu K and Karthik Kumar
Playwright: Several
Duration: 120 minutes

All plays commence at 7.30 pm.

This time am going go to watch only Doubles, Triples and Quadruples .


Reason for opting  DT&Q is just that earlier I watched a play Five Point Someone by Evam.The artists delivered solid performances.I wouldn’t really cut my pocket for some unknown groups at least for this time.You can find me in the mezzanine on 13 October 2008.

To buy tickets online Click here.Tickets for all the shows will be available from October 1st, 11 am onwards at Ravindra Bharati Auditorium (Basheer Bagh); Walden (Begumpet) & The Hindu Office (Begumpet)

Fore more details Click here or call +91 9490165843, +91 9840612333 or +91 9940438669.

Joker in the pack


These days I have seen many rave reviews about this book which is about life@IIM.Just ordered the book and will have to wait for the book to be delivered for a week long now.I will put down my thoughts on this book very soon in this space.

Update(28 sep 2008):

Book was delivered through VPP on 26 Sep.Prompt service by Orient Paperbacks i must say.I have completed reading this one at a strech sparing about 6 odd hours.I was totally involved and couldn’t really stop myself from reading.If the price of the book were to be around 100-150 the sales would indubitably augment.

The following is an excerpt from the book.

We see a star,

and admire its glitter,

the twinkle catching our eye,

and all through our lives

we only see the twinkle

whenever we see that star.

We know but fail to see,

that all it takes to be a star,

is an unending fire.

A fire that’s beneath the surface,

the fire that made it the star it is.

And had we seen the star this way,

we might as well have woken up to the fact,

that the only thing separating us,

from being a star,

is the lack of fire within our hearts.

will pen down my thoughts on this book soon….