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Come on yeah.. let the good times roll.. :)

I am a happy man this very morning for breaking out of my passive mornings and started being active. Its been a great struggle to wake up and start running for more than two months now. I have at last run today for two km approx and walked for another couple of km.

Its a sheer pleasure getting liberated from my procrastination and started gaining control on the self. I promise to self, now that I have started running, will raise the bar and move on with dogged persistence. I know this time its ain’t a lofty goal right away.. neither will my words speak much.


img credit : maridav

Will just do it…  Come on yeah.. let the good times roll… 🙂 


Broker movie : retold how much land does a Man need?


Have been to ‘Broker’ movie. It reflected my thoughts in a crude way. A movie to remember.. 🙂 

Gist of the movie is I can sum it up in one line which is a famous story all of us might have already heard :  How much land does a Man need? but in its own style. 


Also movie tries to portrait how brokers have become key drivers of the contemporary society. Director R.P.Patnaik  also ended the movie on a good note saying ” Its not waiting for the opportunity to change , but recognizing the opportunity which is more important”.