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What lies in you?

"What lies ahead of you and what lies behind you—is nothing compared to what lies within you."  — Mahatma Gandhi

"The greatest events,aren’t the loudest,but the most quiet hours"—–Anonymous

Happenings in August

Friends Take off

Dear friends  Kiran NSS and Kartheek SK have left for USA on 2 and 6  of this month respectively.Heard from both of them.Kiran was the only one who gave some positive remarks about USA during the first week when compared to others( May be others were bewildered by the sudden jerk in their life or because they never did something on their own since their childhood).I know it takes time to get accustomed to the change.Now everyone is in search of jobs I think so.Wish you all the best buddies.

August 15 – (Indian)Independence day to Dilip Chowdary

Somethings never change and its good only if they don’t change.

Dilip Chowdary,Ravi,Agastya,Kaushik  came back to Hyderabad all the way from Infy Banglore as they are done with the first part of their training and also that they had three holidays before the next phase of training start.May be Dilip was surely delighted by the taste of Hyderabad spicy curries and also his all time favorite Biryani.We had a get-together on 16 and had dinner.Krishna Mohan,Kartheek,Karthik Gupta,Venkat,Sravan,Dilip S,Sudhamsh,Mithlesh and his friends Srikanth,Santosh,Varun were the others in the get-together.Everyone’s choice for that dinner was unanimously biryani in Paradise.It was good as always.The conversation we all had and funny altercations sounded the same way how they were during College time.None of us looked like an employee working( or going to work) for the India’s corporate companies.Felt like it will be never ending fun if there was no end to that day’s night.Miss you all guys.Miss college days.

The same day i.e, on 16 I bought a new RAM to boost my PC performance and a USB flash drive.Anvesh bought DELL LAPTOP which cost around 45K.It was a very decent looking one but also a very heavy one to carry.

Crappy time during Interviews:

Have been to a couple of interviews, one of which I was never interested.One was OSI systems  and the other a Call Center.I walked out of the interview room for it was the one which need a long term service bond.That was not for me.The next was a Call center one which I just gave a try.They said they would get back to me.I know they will never call me again for the reason I disclosed(I wont work anymore than 2-3 months).That was the end of Interviews.

Miscellaneous :

  • Burning the fat like hell.Heading towards the end of fatitude.Lost about 2-3 Kgs .
  • Ups and Downs in the SimCATs.So much to do regarding this.Its like all my knowledge is becoming a white elephant when it comes to application part.Getting frustrated with the silly mistakes.Working on it.
  • Resumed playing shuttle in the evening time with Manohar.
  • Waiting for Date of Joining -Satyam is like eternity never ends.Now the grapevine around the community is that candidates would receive appointments in the mid September.


Planning to fail or Failing to plan??!!!!!!!!!

The end of FATitude

31I am losing weight like never before.Even after having a couple of breaks for the early morning regime due to heavy downpours in this month I am losing weight.

Its good to know that you are losing something for gaining something else.



After 2 long eternal years(in which I hardly cared about my FATitude) my weight is touching the 78-80’s  bar.Quite happy with the results I have been achieving these days in regard of health.I should have had taken Health is Wealth serious long ago.But,its never late and am knowing it.Hope this saga continues of staying fit  and staying  healthy.

Singing Happy Happy……..