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Happy Home Recipe

Ingredients :

4 cups  love

2 cups  loyalty


5 quarts faith

2 tablespoons tenderness

1 cup kindness

5 cups understanding

3 cups forgiveness

1 cup friendship

5 teaspoons hope

1 barrel laughter

Procedure : Take love and loyalty , mix thoroughly with faith; blend with tenderness , kindness , Understanding and forgiveness. Add friendship and hope , sprinkle abundantly with laughter.Bake with warmth. Serve with generous helpings.

Isn’t that a lovely dish for a lifetime! Its for sure. 🙂

Source : An extract from Jokes by Kushwant SinghVolume – 2

Holi – day

        Happy Holi!


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Holi – a day of smearing colors celebrated with family friends to dirt of the evil in onself and bring in the sanity. Its good to be with friends and have fun all through the day. But we missed the holi fire early in the morning which indicates the destruction of all the filth and impurity. Wish it won’t repeat the next time. Once again I wish you all a Happy Holi and colorful days ahead in your life….