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broke it with sunrise

Broke it up with a sunrise,
Shaked it up with a hot coffee,
Hummed it up with the birds crossing,
That’s how I started today;

Magnificent is the sun,
Roasted are the coffee beans,
La la la are the birds,
That’s how I pull it off this moment;

It’s another beautiful day ahead,
will grow older by the day, wiser too,
let this be a déjà vu every day;


Hoards of apprehensions

fear of new,
yet with a zillion dreams;

caution filled optimism,
yet with hopes of making it big;

a kid cuddled up sleeves,
yet levitated by awing at sky high structures;

smiling at strangers,
yet hoards of apprehensions;

euphoria of millions of Indians migrating,
yet dissent within for leaving behind beloved village;