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My pain is my destiny and I can’t avoid it.

Amitabh Bachchan from Kaala Patthar

Whats keeping me up and running !??

Status Quo for September :

Into java development at work ,music driven life while commuting and getting better for some worst reasons or vice versa 😐 with help of huge amount of caffeine daily


Personality hike :p and preventive measures 😉

Realizing that my baby steps approach to lose weight wont work took total control and keeping a self monitoring eye on what am eating and how often am doing it so.But all this only after gaining some 5 plus kg just in 2 months of time.After reducing carbohydrates consumption after 5 PM feeling better.

Traveling  with ♥♥♥ Awesome Music ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

When it comes to work life its still in nascent stage which is ready anytime to burst and throttle my relaxed life.Music(Beatles,Yuvan,Kishore Kumar) is what keeping me up and running through my horde of 76 km round trip to office and home 🙂 , even in terrific traffic.☻☻


Understanding and demystifying  money !!!

Its fact that  am very bad when it comes to money, so trying to clear off the debts and trying hard to man

age those last week days of a month with so little money 🙂


Reading business and getting datalcoholic

Data—> Information—> Analysis+People pulse(psychology of end user) = business ideas !! ain’t it.

Reading loads of articles and feeling information overload. So to make things simple constrained myself to technology and business issues which i love most and the rest take a back seat for now.

List of Books reading/planning to read this month(October)  

  • Entrepreneurship
  1. The Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki
  • Fiction
  1. A Fine Family by Gurucharan Das
  2. The Husband by Dean Koontz
  • Personality development
  1. Linchpin – Are you Indispensable by Seth Godin


A-Movie-A-Week and ATM(AnyTimeMovie) policies is resumed in life after a hectic training schedule of 3 months.

Personal Life

Treating every moment as it comes life at personal level is moving on as usual. No stakes. No gifts 🙂



Learning and adopting the art of managing information overload and procrastination with the help of some simple life tools and do-it-yourself techniques.(will do a separate post on how this whole GTD thing has worked for me since 2 months now)

Bolstering for what they are and not who they are

Off late I have seen two instances where the talent has been rewarded its worth and respect, which is deserving enough. One is the Telugu Cinema Nandi Awards 2008 ( say it Oscar of Tollywood) and the other is  Dhee -2 a reality( seriously its mostly real unlike the other fake reality shows) dance show for upcoming coreographers to prove their mettle.


Telugu Cinema Nandi Awards 2008  under the jury headed by Thamma Reddy Bharadwaj
( famous producer ) has done it apropos this time. They have even abandoned giving away awards in five categories which is a clear indication on how the movie making these days is turning out to be with all the junk filled with almost no value to anyone. On the other hand they have encouraged the movies that are really worth deserving I feel so like Gamyam grabbing awards in three categories which reinforces that a good story with solid narration is nevertheless a winner, both in the audience and the awards. Allari Naresh won supporting actor, while Krish ( director ) won the best director for the movie Gamyam and Seetharamashastri won one for the brilliantly composed song Enthavaraku ani adakku for his beautiful lyrics. The other biggie this time worth mentioning is a technical extravaganza Arundathi for all its glitz both onscreen and offscreen contributed by actors and techincians respectively. It bagged a total of 9 awards and a jury award for the spell bound performance by  the Bommali Anushka which speaks of it all and  Kudos to the movie makers like Shyam Prasad Reddy who always dared to do it big when he does unlike throwing away the junk every now and then. This time 7 technicians for the same film Arundathi deserved it and very rightly these awards is a pat on their shoulders saying go boy go give us some entertaining stuff like this again. Thanks to the awards for being given for what they are rather than who they are [ you got me what I mean by this right 🙂 ]


In the reality-flu stricken telugu tv channels, hardly a show airing on telivision is really real. But amidst all these having the Indian dance demi-god Prabhu deva as the inspiration behind the Dhee-2 a dance show for upcoming choreographers to prove their mettle.Its the one among those fake reality shows with almost no frills attached it and entertains with some genuine dance movements and less bak bak of judges and at last something real. This is a show from Mallemala Tele Entertainers of aforesaid daring producer Shyam Prasad Reddy. The two winners of the show won each a Villa worth whopping 35 Lakhs and also a chance to compose dance for the upcoming movie of NTR and Vinayak. Now thats a real appreciation for what they are rather than who they are.Thanks to the people like Shyam Prasad Reddy who is out there encouraging the real talent. My hearty whishes for all those winners and dreamers of making a mark in the industry of cinema. Its always good to get what they deserve , isn’t it ?  We need more of  this and lets hope this continues forever..