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When to quit ?

The answer to this seemingly simple, yet camouflaged question can change the course of one’s life as a whole. Be it small bad habits, worrisome relationships, an unhappy job, or even hope about things / life.

We all come alone, stay for a while, departure. No debate on that. 🙂 The point is what/when we pick up during this short stint(i.e. life) and what/when we forego. One’s loss is another’s gain. That’s the message nature throws at us, everyday and every moment. Time and again, it is said our life is the sum of all choices we do. I feel, it’s not just choices, but the underlying intent of what/when to quit. That’s what determines our existing and who we are for this life.

We ignore old friends for new ones. When we throw that old mobile in the shelf, for the new one. We prefer car over a two-wheeler. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all inanimate or change things/ people for the want of new or other reasons. Simple fact is that new is just a state of mind and that it very soon becomes old. That’s the nature of life. Impatience might not pay well in this aspect.

“Winners never quit, Quitters never win”.

I would rephrase the above one, “quit at the right time, if not might end up on the wrong side”.

I have seen / heard of people who have been in the wrong premise of quitting. Quitting isn’t the end. It isn’t as bad as people think, it just paves the path for a new choices. We all have to quit, pick up something else, move on, quit and pick up… and know what works for us and what doesn’t. How do we know when is it right to quit something? That’s the million dollar question and to unravel the answer for the same, we are all here.

When we quit or give up on something, more heeding to our thoughts and actions is required. That requires introspection and ability to have a generous view of the self. Understanding the rationale / pattern of our quitting will definitely help us.

Lets quit and live better life. What do you have to say ??