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Orkut where are you going?

Right from introducing Open Social Apps in the initial stages only in India*, multiple photos upload, viewing friends updates, offering a limit of 10,000 photos, photo tagging, status updates, photo comments, and many more… to the events segment today, orkut team has been desperately trying to introduce different things before people could recognize the essence of other social places like Facebook , MySpace etc..But its too late, with ever growing horizons of internet, people need a change every now and then. 

Hardly, I can find anything new in this whole development! of adding features as stated above. Added to this , those annoying long links including the word Main#Profile , Main#Albums……… maked load pages with half its original speed. Despite all these facts I myself and many other people are still using orkut only because it’s really hard to go cold turkey by transitioning from one social place to other where oneself finds deserted  or  at least diluted!

Though I have used orkut extensively for a while in the year 2006, being new to the socializing concept , soon I realized the obsession I was getting into and also the need for  getting out of that  hell. Indeed orkut made life easier by bringing all the friends on a platform but for one reason I hate this that people use it like an IM and go crazy about flooding scrapbooks with scripts. And yes with the word scripts I remember the spamming messages and the whooping number of fake profiles which try to peep into your profile and look for a beautiful girl’s face( if any). You shouldn’t be surprised at finding your photo with some vile language in a fake profile. It’s inevitable. Can’t Orkut’s engineering team do something about stopping those scripts from executing.

Let it be what it is, nothing more, nothing less

You are prompted to surpass the hurdle of scrapping someone inclusive of a URL ,by verifying a CAPTCHA image that is really good to prevent spam. But I wonder how come the automated scripts like scrap all don’t need any such thing which floods scrapbooks with n number of crap links. Also when someone says that its no problem to use one’s real image as a profile picture, slam them. One can easily block the image b.gif and grab the required picture or else the conventional method of print screen is always at hand.

I hear aplenty news about the cyber crimes through orkut like the murders that happened in the past , trapping of girls and raping them, etc… Perhaps, the only good news I knew about relations through orkut was some  orkut mates getting married. Below is a piece of evidence for such a thing titled
Jab They Met –Online.


Summing up such a long post, I can say that Orkut can still do a lot, to keep things cleaner and promote a healthier social community. Also Google failed miserably in competing with its counterparts like Facebook, MySpace, etc… only because of its slow development and also mediocre features.