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faithful walls

taller than me,
are seeds that i sowed,
overshadowing are my shadows,
can’t bear;

peace within,
nurtured all through,
torpedoed by overpowering greed,
can’t handle;

humble talk,
weapon for lifetime,
gratuitously overturned to ego manifestation,
can’t hear;

faithful walls,
evident of blood and gore,
cheated with echoes of silence,
can’t trust;

Darkest days

not when light failed to fierce,
but when it hasn’t been looked upon;

not when knowledge is inadequate,
but when its not disseminated;

not when precious is undervalued,
but when superficial is unvalued;

not when a thug attacks,
but when empathy erodes;

darkest days are not of failure,
but when the failure doesn’t recognize itself;