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Studied Mechanical Engineering. Pursuing career in Software development. Nature, Writing, Reading, Technology never cease to exhaust me.

Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own. – Bruce Lee


Flittering Landscapes

As I see from the window of train ,
Flittering landscapes remind me the battles I fought in the expanses of emptiness!!

As I hear the tipping water drops wiped away on my car,
Tears run down , which don’t know you aren’t here to do so!!

As I dream about you in deep sleep,
My heart circles around loci of lost love, not realizing its unreal feat!!

As with every tick tock of life,
I feel thrust of death rolling in!!

convenient ignorance

made up my mind,
will just hear,won’t listen;

have expectations about everything,
can’t see my own back;

it’s easy, will criticise,
know getting hands dirty is difficult;

ignorant about own mistakes,
rather its convenient to raise a finger;

this is how life goes on,
conscience is sleeping for so long;

This is how our lives are in this fast world.