Loss of Potential Years in Life

In the hindsight, most of us would feel the same, the thought of what could have been done. These thoughts are abrasive on the conditions that existed in the past. Thoughts like

‘I should have gone to xyz college to study abc course’;

‘I should have behaved more sensibly’;

‘I shouldn’t have stepped into abc profession, its isn’t my green boulevard’;

‘I shouldn’t have chosen him/her as my partner’;

‘I didn’t give my 100 percent’;

‘I should have been on that show to win $$$$ of money’;

A step further sometimes I get a feeling about ‘Loss of Potential Years in Life’. Majority of our life depends upon the actions that we take since our juvenile age. If the anchors are not set properly during constructive years, there is every chance of landing upon on a no man’s land. It can be terrible. And not always it will be so. Sometimes we get lucky. This loss of potential years can be because of our immature/ emotional/ adamant decisions. It feels like trapped from all directions when trying to escape. So be it.

In our senses, we all have an estimate of what we are capable of. Some incidents/accidents will bring out the unknown self. It can be amusing. We should just keep discovering. Being a nature lover, one thing I have imbibed upon is with every sunset there is a sunrise coming. Thats hope. Not all damages can be repaired. Lest we can always give it a try. Good lord, shouldn’t I be happy to see the things the way I see. Realising past mistakes and dying is a different thing altogether. Happy I retrospect. I learn. I evolve. Am living. I don’t just exist. I wish to do more of it.

Probably real regrets are not the ones aforementioned but zero retrospection and mere existing.

What do you think .. ?


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