Work place conversations


January 2012….

Colleague1 : Satish I have a good news… I have been offered a job with 7 lakhs package in ZYX*** company.

Me : Sounds whats the job profile. How was the interview?

Colleague1 : Its the same as here, Java developer. Interview was very tough. Had 4 rounds of grilling sessions. Thanks to interview questions on internet. Am through….

Me : Wait…. same profile and just the higher package. Did you even bother to ask what project it will be or what customer/domain you will be working for ?

Colleague1 : Nope.

Me : So you just answered the questions and came back. No questions from you..?

Colleague1: Infact I had a question, about percentage of variable pay on the whole. You know that company has pick and drop facility and free food. Our company sucks!

Me: So same work and fat pay check. Congratulations mate.!!

September 2012
Developer: Satish, shouldn’t our project go to hell. Its junk man.. no one else on the earth uses this framework. This is junk.

Me: Ya, inhouse framework and no one uses it explicitly but still isn’t it event based programming and oops after all.

Developer: You are in so 1980’s. Come to 2012 sir. Spring, Hibernate, Pega, etc.. are the hotcakes. Pega pays helluva packages. I want to get trained in one of things and get out of here…

Me : Hmmm… Whats the difference between composition and aggregation in oops ?

Developer: Fuck off man.. you are a arrogant jerk!! You cant question your senior developer like this…

Me: Thank you.

Conversation with an old bus driver in a State Government Transport Garage – April 2009:

Me: Sir, I have heard from others you are the senior most driver here and 5 times best driver award. How did you manage to stick to the same job for these many years ?

Driver: If its my mom who gave me birth, this organization which gave me re-birth. I am so much so obliged to this organization.

Me: Hmmm.. so you never had any passion for which you want to dedicate your life to ? Definitely being bus driver shouldn’t have been yours..what was it ?

Driver: Nothing. I had no goals. We had less options and we were taught one thing in the childhood. Its not what you do, how you do. God has assigned me with this duty, am performing it with my fullest dedication. Over the years it became by passion. I mastered this art of driving.

Me: However, these days everything is money. The pay hikes are very low over here since beginning. Wasn’t it difficult to catch up with inflation and your responsibilities?

Driver: Its not the package beta(son) how much you save for a rainy day matters.

Me: Hmm….
He prays to God before starting the bus from garage for the day. I was told he does it ever since he joined when he was 28. He was 56 when I met him.


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