Press on !!

Are we all unique by the way we are. No. We all are a variety composition of qualities that we absorb from our society. We learn and grow from others. Our personality is a cocktail mix  of what we learn from society and blending it up with our innate qualities that we are inherited with. This blend of qualities/habits might be good or bad. We even try to imitate and emulate others either intentionally or unintentionally every now and then. This way, slowly we become what we are today. So its a long process how all of us have build our character. Now all of sudden if there is some things that we want to change about our self will it be easy ?? No is the absolute answer. So how to go with this ? 

             “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race” -Calvin Coolidge

Its the persistence and perseverance that takes us forward. Taking baby steps in that direction having  faith about what we have started off with strong resolve to change. But its human tendency to falter midway and all together thinking to give it up. Sometimes during this process very baldy we would want to go back to our old comfort level.  Constantly pressing on  is the key to achieve it. The next question is how to press on ? By seeking motivation and inspiration.


In a spiritual journey to find ones true self and unleash potential, motivation and inspiration are ever required. Heeding a good piece of advice or criticism  or  even a  pat on the back too when needed from your loving family and friends. Tell others what you want to change about yourself or what you want to achieve/transcend. Publish it it through your blog / social media. Tell your mom and dad. Let everyone know about it and start off . 

Be it quitting smoking / losing weight / pursuing your dream, you feel good knowing there are more number of people happy about the thing you want to do rather keeping mum about it. Indeed it will boost our confidence. This way our loving ones keep us motivated all through and with that persistence we can go after anything and get it. You will enjoy every bit of it. 

Its the persistence and kind words of motivation from others which will keep you ticking.  Press on !!


2 thoughts on “Press on !!

  1. kiran nss

    Tell others what you want to change about yourself or what you want to achieve/transcend. ——- Tell it to the people who knows what it takes to change a ‘change’ in a human being. 2) Some can not handle the criticism which would definitely come back once they broadcast the ‘i want to change this in me’—–resulting in faltering in midway (cos of many reasons) as u said……such a kind should have their own way of ‘Self Pressing on’

  2. Satish Kandukuri

    1. Agree.. may be I might have missed the point to mention that tell to your near and dear who know you very well.. either family or friends.. 2. Partially agree.. Because when you are broadcasting a good thing which many of your friends/family would want to see in you.. there is ought to be criticism but I presume we are mature enough to handle it and move on.. If that criticism is worth listening to.. why not ? And I don’t understand why would that criticism only results in giving up.. why not revealing the facts that we might miss all the way …. I think criticism has two faces.. both positive and negative. Yes there should be a definite amount of Self-Pressing on.. but my intention to post this was to take help of your near and dear to get anything you want. Will definitely try to do a blog on self-pressing on. Kiran … Thanks again for voicing your opinion 🙂 Keep it coming..


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