What it takes to change??

Generally, it takes a lot of traction when we want to change something about ourselves. Especially when it comes to our long established habits like procrastination, late to work, no workout, weird food habits. One will sometime or the other would want to change his habits. I reiterate, its been very difficult for me to change deep rooted notions and to accept new thoughts and actions. It seriously requires a lot of self-control and will power. Having a strong resolve to imbibe the change is the key. 

I have been struggling to cut the crap out of my life and be conscious about everything I do. I wanted to change my food habits and do exercise daily and be wiser in decisions I take and my sleeping habit. Initially I took the extreme path i.e. to eat real foods all the way and avoid the junk. Though I had that resolve for a week or so I gave up to the temptation in the third week. On the top of this I tried to amend my wake up and sleep timings. I was conscious about my failing and was quick at review-feedback-action.

I did all this review-feedback-action thing by creating  a daily-log in my Evernote account where I simply jot down all the things like my wake-up /sleep timings,  daily/office chores, my workout details, my expenses and the most important of all my food intake. When I look at the same for weekend I tend to get a picture of what I have been doing all the week. Believe me, its turning out to be one of the best things I might have done is to keep a watch dog on myself.  🙂


Image Source : Runawayleg

All it takes to embrace change is a strong resolve and to build that will-power muscle going slow.

Also if I have a short term  goal i.e monthly/weekly its very easy to trace where I am failing and also the reason behind it. Its like zeroing in right away where it is required.

In the end, the result is change in my food and money spending habits:

  • Cut down soft drinks like Pepsi/Cola
  • Less consumption of paneer / milk products
  • Stopped eating junk
  • Having vegetables filled breakfasts
  • Less chocolates/ ice creams / cakes / junk
  • More conscious, if my purchase is required/ feasible and there by helping me indirectly to be minimalist and less materialistic
  • Stop making lofty goals and amending the to-do lists which are not feasible.

What I observed in the last three months with myself is, if we need everlasting change, going slow is the key and building the resolve/ will-power is the key.

I wish to imbibe exercising habits and achieve short-term goals in  the coming days….

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