Four things you must accomplish before you die

The following is a presentation which is similar to what I believe one should accomplish before getting in to the coffin box. So reblogging it here Smile .

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Four things you must accomplish before you die

Have you considered the fact that death is everywhere at anytime? No matter where we are and irrespective of our age or state of health it will come like a thief snatching us without any warning. More often than not we don’t realize the waste we have had in our life until it’s too late.

I firmly believe that life is not just about blind adherence to conventional systems from which we are mold into. Rather, it is a journey of discovering what we really are and what we are capable of. While some are satisfied with their default lot in life, I oftentimes wonder if we are meant to limit ourselves to what’s already before us. It has been the error of many to aspire the material glitters of this world; and what are called accomplishments are those that satisfy the many manifestations of one’s ego.

Life is not about the satisfaction of the whims of the flesh; it is not about power, recognition, fame, fortune or anything that belongs to this temporary world. The things worth accomplishing in life are the ones that further our awareness of our own spiritual selves. For when everything ceases, our essence shall remain. But what shall become of it if we have limited our awareness to the narrow wisdom of this world?

On this premise, here are the things one must try to accomplish before he departs from this limited consciousness called the physical:

Mastery of one’s self

Whether we deny it or not, we are but creatures of this world. We share the same characteristics with other living things roaming on this planet. As such, we follow certain instincts bestowed upon us by nature to ensure the survival of our kind. However, we have a powerful distinction: awareness—an animal that is aware of itself.

Still, we are slaves of our animal instincts. Our reason can be easily overridden by our primal urges, thus making us automatically act without thinking. No matter how advance we have made of our civilizations, our basic instinct dominates our every action—unless we chose to be aware of them.

Knowing one’s self brings us closer to discovering who we are beyond our form. When we become aware of the tendency of our minds to be reactive, we will be able to elevate ourselves from the control of our body.  We can accomplish great things if we are able to master ourselves—and with that mastery comes a deeper understanding of a higher being within us. The more we take control of ourselves, the less we suffer from the limitations of the flesh.

Understand the true nature of love

An old cliché states that love makes the world go round, but majority of people have little understanding about the true nature of love. We tend to corrupt love with our selfishness and ignorance. While we think we’re displaying love, we’re just actually satisfying an internal craving. Love is not about being with someone you like, or taking control of the people you care about; it is not about authority or subservience or right or wrong.

The true essence of love can only be understood once we learn to let go our ego. Love harbors no pain, reciprocity, doubt, hatred nor anything that originates from one’s pride. Only by understanding the true essence of love can we emancipate ourselves from our narrow perception of it, and with such come the awareness about our capability to love unconditionally.

Courage to challenge conventional wisdom

Successful people of this world are well aware that they would have not elevated themselves to the where they are had they not challenged the admonitions of conventional wisdom. They are those who are wise enough to use their own reason instead of blind adherence to an established norm. Let it be written on your epitaph that you are a person who had not been easily swayed by any form of collective consensus without taking into consideration the filter of one’s judgment.

History has proved the greatness of those who tested the waters before they believe in the theories of others. If it wasn’t for the courage of Copernicus in defying the common belief of his time that the earth is the center of the universe, where would we be in our understanding of astronomy? There are many examples of this courageous defiance written in our history: accounts of those who have discovered their greatness by being vigilant on challenging the validity of certain established beliefs. Be one of them.

Personal salvation

People live yet they’re dead. From the moment of his birth, he becomes a dummy of some forces that blinds him from seeing the truth. He was inculcated with belief systems from which he patterns some of the vital decisions in his life. He was taught of what is right from wrong; who is God and who is the devil; what is moral and what is immoral; what is good and what is bad.

If there’s one vital thing I have learned about life that would be to open my eyes to the true picture of things. Most of the beliefs of man are prejudicial. What’s ideal for one may not be for the other, we fall unto the trap of favoring things that coincides with our expectations.

Have we really sought the truth in the many circumstances we have faced in our lives? What good shall one gain by being stubborn to the “absoluteness” of what he believes? If for example I don’t agree with euthanasia because of my conviction that claiming the life of someone is wrong, what will my conviction be if I’m put in a situation where I suffer from the devastation of a painful terminal illness?

There are no absolutes in this world. It is our task to find within ourselves the truth about everything that’s happening around us. Salvation comes once we have learned to abandon our judgments to see what really is, and from there we are able to see things beyond the confines of our senses.



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