Happy birthday to me :) 22 nd one

Its yet another birthday in this lifetime.This is my 22 birthday and had happened on a Saturday after 22 years 🙂

Had a great day bombarded with wishes all over and through all modes of communication. It feels good when someone would want to wish you from deep with in the heart and bless you. I am even more merrier that successfully i haven’t had had cut a cake since 22 years :)  Its not my way of celebrating……eat to the fullest and hang out with friends was the mantra ….but most perhaps It seems I  need to break the tradition of doing so…… It brings a tickle when some calls you to wish you and can’t wait to ask for party……… even I did so many a times but its different when it happens to you …. The warmth and the embrace in wishes and blessings gives oneself immense energy to move on ….. this time no more skipping of party I promise myself :)Day was an obvious one , going to training academy and felt bad about the calls  I couldn’t attend…I thank everybody who called up to wish but couldn’t . Thank you all ….


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