Relations depicted serenely in akashamanta

Seriously I didn’t have any kind of positive corner on akashamanta ever since I came to know that it was made by two raj’s – Dil Raju and Prakash Raj…… Why so ?? Only and obvious answer is I am vexed up with the kind of message oriented movies they were making monotonous movies from Bomarillu to Kotha Bangaru Lokam. Although their intention might be good to portrait the revival of relationships in this fast moving world. Too much of anything isn’t good  in anyway. In earlier movies they were totally commerical unlike in Akashamanta. No hish hash in this flick….its totally upto the point. Short and sweet 🙂



    Akashamanta which is a sweet tale of a father loving his daughter. Hats off to Prakash Raj acting in this movie. Right from the start of the movie where he struggles to express the joy of becoming a father to the matured father in the climax who laughs after his daughter leaves him to delhi with her husband. Its worth discussing about the performances and also the screenplay and above all the dialogues and direction. Thanks to the makers of this movie to keep it short and sweet which lasts for only two hours.

A well made flick with meticulous attention towards the emotions of a father who grows as his daughter grows too !!  I bet one wouldn’t stop admiring this tale. Prakash Raj was awesome in every scene showing his reluctance towards everything his daughter asks him – from a bicycle , bike , mba admission and at last her own decision to marry a Sardarji. The beauty of the movies lies in this reluctance a father shows about his daughter. Also the music by vidyasagar was very good and the scenic locations of coimbatore were eye candy. I can’t stop telling about this one……. Go watch it you will fall in love with this one for sure.  I wish Prakash Raj would grab as many awards as possible for his spell bound performance.

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