Bridging the Personal Space

I believe the past five months have brought a change in me and my thought process , almost cold turkey. Thanks to the delay made by Satyam ,be it for the Market down or internal problems in the firm. I had enough of time to spend with my Mom. I have learned a lot about the relationships and emotions. Also, this short period helped me to imbibe patience and the importance of loneliness which promotes the thought process to the consummate levels. Its good to spend in silence and viewing things from the birds point-of-view.

My Mom is bedridden since five months for the ailments that the ladies of her age generally suffer from.One being a bone fracture , a neuro-system disorder and now the damn Diabetes. Whatever , I am happy that she is recovering fast and wish I could see her leading the same old lifestyle very soon. I had long chats, conversations completely unrelated to the situation just to distract and forget the present state of oneself.Sometimes I  had to shout at her for her ignorance and the way she responded to the problem that she is facing. What I noticed most importantly is that deceased become mentally weak ,feeling that they are physically weak.Its for this reason that bedridden victims should have a support from the loved ones, to part off the negatives and bring in happiness.She is happy too about our relationship strengthening now-a-days.

I always envied at my friend’s families and their parent-children relationships.Despite of having a constructive approach, I hated the way my family emotions are built (like a pack of cards).  Though,I had the thought of repairing the situation,but I gave up many a times trying to do so. At least now ,I got a chance to know how things should work in a family and the importance of it.


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