I made up my mind not to write about this filthy cinema in my blog after watching the ridiculous stuff. I am sure Sanjay Gadhvi would have made this whole script while taking his bath. Though the movie started off with telling the story of a boy in the format of images,that novelty didn’t last for at least 2 minutes. Here starts all the crap, better only if I won’t write anything. Gone are the days , one can draw the audience to the theatres just with skin show. What if Imran’s first movie would be this one? He would have been just another Harman Baweja.

After googling about the movie review i tumbled upon this page.
Its really hilarious and what would Sanjay do if he reads the whole thing?? Only Sanjay knows. The above mentioned post author has done a lot better job than Sanjay has done.

The next time, I will watch his movies only after reading the review. Iwish , at least now he brings out some sensible and enjoyable movies or stop working for cinemas.


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