Black Friday


Black Friday by S. Hussain Zaidi

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This is the first non-fiction I had ever finished reading. (Prior to this I had begun with My experiments with truth – M.K. Gandhi , but not yet done with it.) Added to all these, the recent bomb blasts throughout the country , pumped up curiosity levels to know what makes people kill one another and thus I made up my mind to sail through this book.

Firstly I would like to appreciate the efforts of Mr.Hussain Zaidi for his painstaking and meticulous research to portrait the most striking and startling truths about what transitioned a regular Friday into a Black Friday. Throughout the book one can feel the veracity of the facts discussed. Had he not written this one probably it wouldn’t have been such an interesting and satisfying read . While reading the book unknowingly your heart would pound . In one word it is compelling.

This book mainly deals about the blasts in Bombay city on 1993 March 12,that shook the entire nation. The biggest terrorist attack in Indian history , its aftermaths, and most importantly the conspiracy behind the dreadful act.

This book is an attempt to demystify the mammoth puzzle built by( and around) the characters of terrorists , corrupt officers who abetted the plan, the police officers who would break encroach the law in due course of investigation, the innocent and illiterate young Muslims who were dragged into this , Bombay people, and also the most powerful media.

The blasts were masterminded by most notorious one in the history of India Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon. Even though the former was the initiator, he had been very less involved in this issue. Most of the cases were filed against the latter. Zaidi clearly depicts how communal riots of 1992 Dec 6 in regard of Babri Masjid demolition had influenced the blasts . Also discusses the transition of a school drop out Dawood to the Dawood bhai of Mafia Underworld, transition of an adamant Musthaq into Tiger bhai or Tiger Memon.The corrupt officials who abetted this dreadful plan knowingly or unknowningly.

Zaidi says in the pg 17 As the long and terrible day finally came to a close for he most of Bombayites, for senior officials,there was still work to be done.Zaidi justifies this statement for the rest of the book.

Thus begins the story of the mammoth conspiracy. How police will go to any extremes for unraveling the truth. Ruthlessly arresting a friend of friend of friend of the accused, even women and the children for that matter. How police would make the most of the TADA without even filing the case on the accused and harassing them till death at times. How, young illiterate or jobless Muslims were attracted to do the act for nothing more than money and not even understanding the intensity of rocking blasts. How ,one of the accomplice in the blasts later realizes that cleverly Tiger and others had escaped from dresswalas and they were held under TADA Act and turns into approver. Zaidi answers all the above questions with great justice to every character in the book with everyone’s perspective.

Sketching the plan, finding the resources ( both human and material) , training for bomb making in Pakistan, setting up the bombs ,confessions of the accused, court sessions, bollywood bonds with underworld dons etc..are the contents of the book.

One would clearly understand how lack of respect for others beliefs made a Black Friday in Indian history. Religious fervor , Corruption, illiteracy ,poverty, above all insanity of the Masterminds behind the blasts were the gross root level reasons.

I bet one wouldn’t resist oneself to finish it off after starting. Absolutely a recommended if one is interested in shady things of past.

Religion is not the synonym for killing one another. It only takes to respect one another’s belief.

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