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bdCUBE logo unveiled

  • ” bdCUBE – the way it sounds is a bit ok ok types but what is it yaar? “
  • “Whats the thing that made you name the blogĀ  bdCUBE ….what is it actually??”
  • ” Does it make any damn sense on this earth??”

Some of my friends said to me they are going to refer dictionaries if I wont tell them what is bdcube. They did and nothing yielded. I was really amazed by the kind of response my blog viewers gave me urging me to disclose what is it?

The idea of naming my initiative of helping the fellow test takers as bdcube is explained with all due questions posed for about an year.You can have a close look at the logo below.


The above image comprises of three bd combinations, question marks and also exclamation marks. You might have deciphered by now what these combinations mean. Its very simple. One bd combination insideĀ  the square(face), the second one is on the two opposite faces of square and the other one is on the curves (arms)Ā  to both side of the square.Hair like question marks and exclamation marks on the top of the square.Also the smiling curve(indicates mouth too) inside the square.

Is it bizarre?? O.K. Its my way of representing the idea I had in my mind.Now let me explain further what this bdCUBE means actually.

  • The letters b,d inside the square represents the eyes of a person.This one is used to watch ,read etc etc.Reading occupies a major share in one’s life whether a student,shopkeeper,teacher,employee,CEO,etc….Literally applicable to anyone.
  • The letters b ,d stuck onto the two opposite faces of the square represents one’s ears.This one too has a major part to play in ones life.It can be anything from listening to ,lessons in the classroom,crap with your friends on the telephone,(also listening to your inner voice at times ),your colleagues advice in the office, blurbs,abuses,cries of children…what not?!
  • bd letters lying on the curves( hands) represent hands and also cheers.Here these one mean to not just hands,but to share what you have and what you want to.Its as simple as the notion of Vodafone ” Happy to help”.Extended arms represent ones willing to help.It can also be understood that the letters b,d on the arms represent cheers.Cheering oneself in tough times is a great way to keep going in life.
  • The question marks and exclamation marks on the top of square represents the never ending questions and excitements, one has during lifetime.
  • The (smiling) curve ( also mouth) is to ask,say and shout if needed.You ask the questions,say about your feelings,excitements etc in life.

By now you might have had a fair amount of idea of what does the letters b,d cube mean.

I thought bdCUBE is just perfect for a blog which is about sharing and helping the fellow test takers for all the above reasons.

Punch line forĀ  bdcube is “Dead end for voracious search!”That’s what I wish to hear others say to about bdcube.

The above represents the chain bdCUBE.I wish ,the network of bdCUBE increases exponentially.Its a long way to go.I will work on it.

Also have a look at the new header image designed for the bdCUBE blogĀ  at