Gripping Story-A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Usually whenever I am reading something , I hold a pencil and keep highlighting the interesting ones or quotes or some touching lines or very much new in the way an author describes the happenings.I did it when I read Love Story,Kane & Abel etc. The ritual continued  when I read this book initially , but  when I turned the pages back after a while I found most of the pages where there were no highlights.Then I kept away the pencil and read the book ahead.Yes, I patted myself for keeping the pencil away,the only reason being every page  and every line in this book kept me in suspense and interesting . I never found myself reading with such a curiosity.

Last book I liked the most was Kane and Abel which was all about the ruthless struggle of Kane & Abel.This is my latest favorite. For the first time  I heard of Khaled Hosseini in 2007,when I watched the movie Kite Runner.After watching movie am very much impressed by his story telling.Gave up thought of reading the book as I watched the motion picture.Wherever I surfed through Internet regarding the good book recommendations ,there came the name of Khaled Hosseini.Then I had decided to read his latest and yet another masterful story ,A Thousand Splendid Suns. The only time I had doubted about this book was when I had to spent about 400 rupees to own it.Never again. After all you have many issues running around whenever you buy a book.This one paid off all my bucks.

All through you feel like you belong to the same world he describes in the book.His style of writing is simply lucid and am afraid to say he wouldn’t an mm of detail about anything he wants to say in that scene.You feel like honored with a garland made by Khaled not with flowers but his simple yet effective words(usage).If you are ravenous  about reading a good book for a long time now then sit down Khaled just serves the meal cooked with all sort of emotions -love( even in the hardest ways it could exist),regret,fear….. what not? I bet,this one would satiate your starvation for a good read.

You eye witness the pain ,tremor,suffering ,fear of the afghans who have been victims of the war over three decades.Though he carried the suspense which is unaware to the reader with ease,he makes your heart wrench .

Only the hardest of hearts could fail to be moved.-Glamor

Yes only hardest of the hearts could fail to be moved  for the love Mariam jo has shown towards Rasheed,Jalil,Nana,Mullah,Laila,Aziza,Zaima even during the hardest times.

Gist of entire book goes here

One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs,

Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls.

Lead Characters in the story are  namely Mariam, Laila,Rasheed,Tariq,Jalil,Nana,Mullah,Aziza,Zaima. Every character has its own importance and also you would find the link of  present line of the book to that you didn’t pay that much attention to.Like in a situation when Laila in her childhood saw Benz in her lane in front of Rasheed’s house and how it had a significance in the later part of story.Sacrificing of Mariam and the way she becomes mother to Laila. Love between Tariq and Laila , rules imposed by Talibans, Aziza association with Mariam and Zaima inheriting his fatherly qualities.No wonder there are many a number of such factors that you would love to talk about the book after reading it.

Mariam is in Laila’s own heart,where she shines with bursting radiance of a thousand suns.

My heart goes to all those women in Afghan and i cried like many number of times reading this masterpiece. Most of the times I was unaware of the tears rolling down over my cheeks.Isn’t it worth it to read such a book which makes you stronger my instinct and which answers many a number of questions you thought of there were no possible answers.There is a lot of potential and hope beyond the walls of our limits which we set to ourselves.The only thing that i summed up after reading this one is to love and live everyday and everything even your best inputs turn against you.Hope is one word which makes you feel better.World moves on this one word,hope…Hoping for a better tomorrow which outcasts ones sorrows and grief and the  sunrise tomorrow brings in a new light into ones life.

  • I started reading this book on 18 of July and finished it today i.e., on 7 of August.
  • If anyone wants to read this book am the most happiest  one to lend it.
  • Its  Unforgettable. Khaled am in love with your writing.Make me fall  once again.Come back with another……Kudos to you.

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