Goodbye to Gowtham

Gowtham is a very  good friend of mine since the beginning days of my graduation.Most of the days  accompanied by our dear Mano ,during first two years we played cricket,we ate ,had weekly outings etc etc as if that was the last dawn of our lives.Things have changed a bit as always  and we changed our interests towards something else in due course of time .Gowtham opted for doing Masters in Science in USA( the land of opportunities as they say).He left for USA early in the morning breeze of shamshabad airport at 3 A.M on 26 July 2008.

The Day before he had left for USA(Anti-climax)

On 25 th evening I have been to his house to wish him all the best for the new innings he wanted to play in US.At midnight I had been accompanied by Grad classmates(Manohar,Harsha,Venkat,Dilip,Prasad,Rahul,Sudhamsh,Damodar) to bid adieu for the beloved one.We all traveled to airport in a Scorpio and I didn’t really know why i was feeling heavy and calm all the way(which is a rare characteristic of mine) ?? May be the friend with whom I shared good amount of time in my lifetime for about four years.Though I knew that one day we are all to face this situation of being parted,unknowingly heart went heavy for knowing the fact of not being able to accept to the fact of no more meeting of dear friend for almost next two odd years or may be even more.I kept on saying to myself to have composure .I did it with not ease ,but I did it.We reached airport in spine chilling cold( I felt as such) around 11 30 PM.

Airport roads just resembled the ones i have seen in English movies.Really commendable work by the GMR group who built this airport.This is the second time had been to an airport, the first instance being Begumpet oddly 12-15 years ago.I hardly remember anything about that airport except for the chocolates my father bought me after pestering him about a hundred and one times :d.But i can say definitely that this airport I a gem of construction for its innovative design and the special facility of floor parking of planes( i knew this from the photos I once received through an e-mail).This one was very much spacious than the Begumpet.I said  to myself that if  Begumpet airport ended up in studying LKG then , this airport is just pursuing its Post Grad.


After having some confusion over the  flight number provided by a private airlines ,he had a chat with all of us friends and also a photo session with family and his grand parents too.And there came the climax …. smiling,wishing him success,etc etc……Now last i remembered was his face with a smile spread across his face.Wish you keep smiling as always you did.Happy Journey dude and have a blast of time in USA.

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