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Adieu to all friends leaving for MS , job , higher studies etc… Just read this lovely poetry from , so thought of sharing here.

At the station:
As the engine whistled,
And the churning wheels came to a halt
Nostalgic clouds flashed across our minds
Of the reminiscences of the years that passed by

Our first day at college:
Stench of nervousness everywhere
Wryly smiling faces, and
the apprehensions that filled the air

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Making contingency plans

Life is getting busy more and more these days.Some long run decisions are yet to be taken which may change the complete way of my living.I have been discussing with my friends regarding this and i hope i do my best in this I could do unlike letting the troubles or running away.Many of my good friends indeed said that my decision is unacceptable.( may be with half knowledge i suppose?!).So I am making the contingency plans in this regard.

Other than this life is quite boring and busy.On Tuesday( 8th of July) I had been invited for the lunch by Kartheek and Bharath for the last meeting in the next two years.It was fun meeting everyone and we had a blast of time.Especially this time I had more opportunity to tease Deekshith than ever.I got acquainted with old schoolmate Rohit.It was easy going for both of us right from the next moment we introduced once again after 7 years.For the first time in my life i had been to boating which is of pedal mechanism to our added joy.It was a good experience.Mom is recovering quickly from her illness.

Here I must thank IEG not for their training over a long period of 6 months. Its for the thing that I got a free Windows XP Service Pack 2 single user licensed copy for absolutely free by the alliance of IEG and’t that great.Now that I am a genuine windows user (unlike illegally genuine in the past) I am more happy.For the last 7 to 8 months I have had thoughts of slowly getting off from piracy and I think I am quite successful.I had been using open-office and all other freeware programs.I had grabbed the opportunity from Kaspersky for their free 1 year subscription and its of great use in this virus prone web-era and malicious tools from USB disks.

Saying you Goodbye until the next time 🙂

In the Drivers seat?!

Today is Sunday . This is just the same Sunday which comes every week for everyone.It doesn’t seem to be same anymore for me .Life and time just doesn’t wait for anyone. Just before 3 months weekend was good enough to chill out and meet friends from school,colony and relatives. Now after am done with my graduation things are changing very swiftly.Friends are moving places to pursue their dream careers. Some are moving ahead to pursue Masters in US & UK and some have already joined the companies to start off with their training. Few of them are yet to join and a very few of them are awaiting the joining date.

I can say without a second thought that people change after their education is once finished.Money is what all makes our life when kept aside factors of love and affection. One must toil day and night to make a bright career in the initial stages. That is what I heard from few of my friends who have already joined the labor force in this world.Some of them joined Inosys,Wipro,Infotech,Satyam Ventures,Hyundai,etc. which are leading MNCs in India.Hope I maintain good relationship with all my mates.

When it comes to VISA game I think 95% of my mates have won it and preparing to take off. I wish them all a brand new life over there.Rahul,Harsha,Gowtham,Prashanth,Abhinay,Kartheek,Bharath,and many more  have made their way clear to fly heights.A very few of them are rejected for undisclosed reasons. I wish them best for their next move.

So what am i doing for the last 2-3 months?

When it comes to my part of life in these last 3 months I have led is just a bit of routine inclusive of few twists.

  • Some friends have planned for a Kerala tour but I couldn’t get along with that as I had to look after my mother for she being unhealthy. Unduly those fellows have changed with their mind and at last made a trip to Goa with just 4 members. I have definitely missed it.
  • And I have joined a car driving training class for a month now and yet to finish of with it. I had made a poor start with car driving with a few chides from fellow drivers on the roads and a few number of accidents( very minor- am very much safe ) .
  • Playing cricket and shuttle for about 2-3 hours a day and going for a morning walk twice a week. I think I need more workout these days than ever I had thought in my life to put down a few more pounds.
  • Concentrating more on my physical health ,abstaining from the junk food as much as I could and  for the past 1 month I lost 4 kg.Also learning to cook new dishes for pleasure.
  • Reading is one good habit I think I had made in my whole life. This is what makes my normal day.I am done with reading the Kane and Abel of Jeffery Archer, Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon , and Swami and friends by RK Narayan.I am looking to move on with the sequel of Kane and Abel ,The  Prodigal Daughter and also to finish off Rich Dad Poor Dad.Also in addition to this am looking forward to subscribe to some magazines.The more I read the more am becoming good at vocabulary and grammar.No wonder if  people call me a bookworm after a few months time.
  • I was afraid at a stage by the amount of hours I do spend on my PC and started working out on it.I don’t wanted to be addicted to anything in this world. I am almost obsessed with computers and Internet for a while and now slowly getting out of it. In the month of January I have used around 60-70 GB of my broadband bandwidth and the last month I had ended up with using only 2.5 GB of it. I am happy with my progress in this aspect.

I  am just waiting for a call from Satyam Computers to join the training program.If am not wrong with guess for the worst case possible I would be joining by the end of August.

Life just goes on. It just doesn’t wait for anyone. This is what makes me to just move on without thinking too much about things that disturb me and kill my little wisdom.

Waiting for a better tomorrow.Living with best present.So ,Yes I think am still in the drivers seat.

Saying you Goodbye until the next time.:)