Making contingency plans

Life is getting busy more and more these days.Some long run decisions are yet to be taken which may change the complete way of my living.I have been discussing with my friends regarding this and i hope i do my best in this I could do unlike letting the troubles or running away.Many of my good friends indeed said that my decision is unacceptable.( may be with half knowledge i suppose?!).So I am making the contingency plans in this regard.

Other than this life is quite boring and busy.On Tuesday( 8th of July) I had been invited for the lunch by Kartheek and Bharath for the last meeting in the next two years.It was fun meeting everyone and we had a blast of time.Especially this time I had more opportunity to tease Deekshith than ever.I got acquainted with old schoolmate Rohit.It was easy going for both of us right from the next moment we introduced once again after 7 years.For the first time in my life i had been to boating which is of pedal mechanism to our added joy.It was a good experience.Mom is recovering quickly from her illness.

Here I must thank IEG not for their training over a long period of 6 months. Its for the thing that I got a free Windows XP Service Pack 2 single user licensed copy for absolutely free by the alliance of IEG and’t that great.Now that I am a genuine windows user (unlike illegally genuine in the past) I am more happy.For the last 7 to 8 months I have had thoughts of slowly getting off from piracy and I think I am quite successful.I had been using open-office and all other freeware programs.I had grabbed the opportunity from Kaspersky for their free 1 year subscription and its of great use in this virus prone web-era and malicious tools from USB disks.

Saying you Goodbye until the next time 🙂


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