Happy Birthday to Me :)

Birthdays really make me more and more responsible and when ever a new one comes it reminds me of running towards the end sooner.Today i turn out 21 yrs old.In this 21 yrs hardly I had celebrated 3 to 4 birthdays. This day is one such bday which I had celebrated with friends and family.I must admit that only in graduation I got to know about the world around myself and also  the self within. I hope to make a commendable progress by the next year.This year is going to be most memorable one in my life,end of graduation and stepping into new phase of life as an employee in Satyam Computers.


Bday started with  phone calls from Trinath,Bharath,Rakesh, and many more………with warm wishes. Everyone came to know about bday from orkut profile. My scrapbook is flooded with  hearted wishes and all of a sudden it was like whole world is singing happy happy for me.I had some good hours of sleep, up to early morning 6 or so. Now begins the show,played badminton for a couple of hours along with Manohar and then watched movie Parugu of Allu Arjun in the afternoon along with mates Rahul,Karthik,Vivek,Uma,Sravan and Dilip ….Movie was an average movie on the whole.On the way to home from theatre i bought  most awaiting book Jeffery Archer’s Kane and Abel  for 250 bucks …..then after day was as usual watching TV and other mundane activities. Had a great time with my family too.

Once again   Happy Bday to me  🙂


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