Lost(bike keys) in the magic of Jodha Akbar

Yesterday I have been to Jodha Akbar movie (Telugu) along with Sravan.There were hardly any seats filled. We missed out the introduction part.It was like Aishwarya introduction is far better when compared to that of Hrithik.Initially we enjoyed Telugu dialogues by cracking jokes. The story was predictable at some instances. The love story of Jodha and Akbar was well crafted and I think the whole credit of chopping out lengthy dialogues are avoided as much as possible by Ashutosh Gowariker.The art work and also the camera angles, cinematography was good. Aishwarya was apt as princess and wondered who else can suit the role of Jodha. Coming to Hrithik ,he was like not at his best yet he made me feel good by the end of movie. Azeem-o-Shaan Shehenshah song was picturised very well .Chemistry between Ash and Hrithik rocked again. I liked the movie and thought of rating it 4/5.

But the movie climax wasn’t the climax for me and sravan.Guess what? He misplaced his keys somewhere.We ran all around the theatre corridors and searched our row seats like Google search bots.But no use in this case! At last we asked the parking in-charge about thrown keys.He took a wee look at us and said they were given to him by a person who got them at the gate.We gave him 30 rupees and flew back home.It was a good experience about losing things..and searching at the same place:)



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